Welcome to Let’s Talk Reading!

Reading, like talking, is a skill we need for life.

How many street signs, texts or websites have you read today?

Most of us are reading all the time, without even noticing.

If we don’t learn to read, we will struggle with learning and with life.

Fortunately, there is lots you can do to support your kids to become confident readers.

Your child’s reading journey starts long before they can read by themselves.

When they are babies and toddlers, they are learning about words and stories every time you talk with them.

That’s why talking with young children is so important.

Young kids learn about words and stories every time you read to them.

All these experiences are building their reading brain.

Learning to read is different for everyone, some of us get it straight away. Others will take some time.

It’s a complex process and it’s a bit like learning how to drive.

When we get behind the wheel of a car, driving by ourselves can seem overwhelming.

We have to concentrate on the road, watch our mirrors, accelerate, brake, indicate, change gears AND know where we are going.

Over time, we can do all of these things AND turn on the radio, sip our coffee and think about what we might have for dinner.

For most of us, reading, like driving, get easier over time. One day it becomes automatic.

Helping your child develop a love of reading has so many benefits.

  • It will give them the tools to do all the reading we do in everyday life.
  • It will open up a world of stories and information.
  • It will boost their learning in all areas.

That’s why it’s important to be positive about reading.

Notice all the reading you do every day and point it out to your kids.

This will help them understand that reading isn’t just about school or books, it’s about life.

And remember, it doesn’t matter what your kids read, as long as they are reading!

*With thanks to Education Consultant and Adjunct Associate Professor (Charles Sturt University) Noella McKenzie for her ideas and guidance.