Get involved

Our whole community has a role to play

Everyone can help our kids and young people develop the talking and listening skills they need.

Do you interact with kids every day? Why not take an extra minute to chat with them when you see them. Ask them about their interests. Share your stories.

We can all play a part!

If you are a business, organisation or community group – can you help us share the Let’s Talk message? We would love you to display our posters and stickers.

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Send us your Talk Ideas

We have big plans to develop more Talk Ideas. If families are frequent visitors at your workplace or organisation, would you like a Talk Idea that relates directly to you?

Maybe you run a medical clinic and could use a Talk Idea poster that gets families talking about health?

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Do you have a story to share on our blog?

We are always looking for good stories to share on the Let’s Talk Blog.

Do you have a story about how good communication skills have helped your school, workplace or community group?

Or maybe you have a story to tell about how you became a better communicator?

We would love to hear from you. Get in touch at

Talk ideas

Get fast and fun topics to start a conversation!