Talking with 15 year olds and over

At this age, it’s possible that your teenager is thinking about their future career.

Good communication skills are essential for every job.

All employers are looking for people who can listen and talk clearly. It’s important for young people to be able to communicate well with both workmates and managers.

If your teen is hard to get talking, try and find the right time for both of you. Is it when you are driving in the car? Or doing an activity side by side, such as doing the dishes together or walking.

What can young people usually do from age 15?


  • Ask for specific help when they don’t understand. For example, I know that you want me to put the cake in the oven, but how long should it cook for? 
  • Easily follow complex directions.
  • Fully understand sarcasm and how to use it.


  • Use a good range of descriptive words and expressions. 
  • Tell long and complex stories, making sure that the listener follows the key message. 
  • Easily switch between formal and informal chat depending on who they are talking to. 

This is just a guide for what you can expect. Every young person develops at their own rate. Your child may be faster or slower at talking and listening than others. 

If you have any concerns about your child, talk to their teacher or your family doctor. Find out what to look out for to see if your child needs extra help with speech and communication.

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